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1 The PLAN of BIRMINGHAM Survey'd in the Year 1731

The first printed map of Birmingham, The Plan of Birmingham, surveyed by William Westley in 1731, is dedicated to Warwickshire’s two Members of Parliament, the Honourable Edward Digby and William Peyto ...

1731 map detail

A section of the 1731 map surveyed by William Westley, showing the manor house and St Martins church.

Hanson Map of Holloway Head area in 1778

This is a detailed section of the map. Most of the area shown is filled with the orchards and fields which lined the route from Bath Row down into Holloway Head. Note that the very end of the route into ...

Henshall's plan of Birmingham

Detail from a much larger plan of Birmingham by J. Henshall. This section of the plan includes part of the Ladywood area and to the bottom right can be seen most of what we would now know as Lee Bank. ...

Interior of the Reference Library

The old Reference Library was located at Ratcliff Place which was by the side of the Town Hall. This photograph was taken by George Whitehouse of Handsworth.

Interior of the Shakespeare Library

This view, by George Whitehouse,is of the Shakespeare Library which was located inside the old Reference Library at Ratcliff Place. When the library was demolished it was saved and removed to a new location ...

Introduction: Birmingham’s Early Maps 1731-1831

This gallery has been produced to support a workshop held at the Library of Birmingham. All the maps reproduced here are from those held by Birmingham Archives & Collections. They have been selected by ...

Particulars of Cherry Orchard Farm to be sold by auction [accompanying plan]

Plan that accompanies the particulars of the Cherry Orchard Farm, Handsworth, now in the occupation of Sarah Heathcote, to be sold by auction 23 December, 1812. Creation: 23rd December 1812; paper. ...

Soho Manufactory, Handsworth

This photograph of the ground plan of the Soho Manufactory in Handsworth was taken c.1900, though the plans themselves are dated 1788.